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The Duo Métal and Duo Sud sites are facilities specifically set up for processing and re-purposing Metal Drums. We have an overall processing capacity of 300,000 reconditioned drums per year.


We recover and process drums of 200/220 litres.
Your packaging is categorised, the overall condition is checked and residues weighed.

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We promote procedures that are most suited to their re-purposing

  • Re-processing after burning
  • Re-purposing materials (scrap) after burning


We provide a comprehensive range of reconditioned packaging with or without interior coatings (phosphating, alkyd, epoxy phenolic) and with hydrosoluble exterior paint (RAL range etc.):

  • 210/223 l OT UN liquid
  • 210/223 l OT UN solid
  • 210/223 l Standard (NON UN)
  • 210/223 l Bungs UN liquid
futs métalliques


In addition to our range of metal drums, we provide accessories including:

  • 2’’ metal plugs with or without lids with degazing
  • 2’’ plastic plugs with or without tap holder
  • 2’’ Trisure metal caps
  • ¾’’ Trisure metal caps

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